Software industry: Nexway™ reinforces the customer experience capabilities of its Monetize personalized growth platform.

Software industry: Nexway™ reinforces the customer experience capabilities of its Monetize personalized growth platform.

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Paris, January 26, 2021Nexway, a leading software and service company for e-commerce and payments, is very excited to launch the latest features on its personalized growth platform Nexway Monetize, moving forward in its mission to expand the online footprint and sales potential of software vendors, games publishers and service providers across 140 countries around the world.

In today’s uncertain business environment, the e-commerce and payment leader is looking to leverage its best technologies to offer a seamless purchase experience, helping its clients to remain flexible in their strategic approach to e-commerce.

Nexway‘s teams are driving versatility, flexibility, and frictionless features to conquer new markets and expand into vertical sectors linked to customer monetization, subscriptions, and B2B sales management. Nexway also intends to continue growing thanks to its agility, expertise, and high level of the customer purchase experience.

« Customer experience is a constantly moving target, changing to meet customer needs, expectations, and evolution. Every customer has different needs and flexibility skills are crucial to adjust to situations and being able to effectively address such challenges. Being flexible with your customers is a top priority in the COVID-19 world. » comments Frédéric Ribau, Chief Technical Officer and Chief Product Officer at Nexway.

To meet these expectations and context, the Company has tuned its Nexway Monetize platform with new e-commerce features and payment capabilities.


multiple pre-order options available1/ Nexway launches multiple pre-order options available right away on the Monetize platform. This feature is mostly aimed, but not limited, at gaming publishers, allowing to convert consumers before a product/game release, to create buzz, to offer exclusivity or bonuses to its community, or simply to test its product/game.

Through four use cases, Nexway enables publishers to collect orders without fulfillment as well as to perform asynchronous fulfillment on a given date.

1. Pre-order with delivery on a release date
2. Pre-order with instant delivery
3. Preload with fulfillment before a release date
4. Pre-order with multiple fulfillments on a different date
Main advantages for the publisher:
Guarantee sales before the game’s release.
Create buzz and marketing hype, such as to induce a certain feeling of fear of not getting the product on the official release date and thus provoke a compulsive act of purchase by the consumer.
Make its customers benefit from discounted prices.
Build customer loyalty, allowing loyal customers to buy a product in preview
Offer bonuses and extras to customers who pre-order, such as access to the games a few days before the release, additional content, or in-game exclusives.
Avoid slow-downs and server overload on release days
Test the success of a new game
Detect early bugs
subscription capabilities2/ Nexway announces the evolution of its subscription capabilities and launches its subscription trial extension. This feature is intended for digital product and service providers to offer consumers a subscription with a trial period, to be renewed and extended automatically into a standard paying subscription. The trial period will be a new period integrated into the subscription model, allowing the provider to define the duration of the trial period and switch it on or off depending on his will.
Main advantages as customers:
Improve acquisition by offering a trial for free.
Improve trialists’ loyalty and lifetime value by converting them automatically into paying subscribers.

global payment services3/ Nexway expands its global payment services, announcing a massive regional expansion of its payment capabilities and services. Efficiently selling in different countries requires expertise and specific capabilities. Nexway Monetize simplifies commerce with powerful payment technology and helps its customers’ process payments in local currencies with the most adapted payment methods worldwide.

Monetize supports India with local currencies and preferred Indian payment methods, including offline payment methods and end-user cash payments.

Monetize supports the Nordics. Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden are now supported with local languages as well as local currencies SEK, DKK, NOK, and local payment methods such as Trustly and Dankort.

In addition to Brazil, Nexway reinforces its LATAM footprint by supporting Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Peru peculiarities within Monetize stores: languages, carts, VAT management as well as specific currencies and payment methods, including local offline payment methods, are now covered across these countries.

A range of new currencies has been implemented on Nexway’s payment platform:

• Africa: ZAR, KES, NGN, NAD
• Hong Kong: HK$
• India: INR
• Korea: WON
• Latam: ARS, CLP, COP, MXN, PEN
• Middle East: AED, SYP, QAR, SAR, EGP
• Poland: PLN
• Taiwan: NTD
• Thailand: THB
• Turkey: TR
• Vietnam: VND

Payments in installments are now available and adapted to a very common Brazilian payment habit accounting for 80% of e-commerce payments for businesses. It allows the end-user to split the total amount of his order into monthly installments without being charged with additional interest. This feature can now be enabled at the store level through Nexway Center and/or API. Nexway’s customers can also set the number of installments available for a store ranging from 2 to 12.

Nexway enables its clients to provide local offline payment methods, especially payment by cash through convenience stores or banks after the online order.

Nexway Reseller Platform4/ To help publishers to develop their reseller network and bring differentiation to its existing reseller portal offer, Nexway has developed automatic commissions on license renewals feature for resellers.

With the Nexway Reseller Platform, publishers can automate the entire process of selling licenses and subscriptions via multi-layer reseller and distribution networks – from enterprises to end-users. Thanks to a compelling B2B digital experience, they can easily manage their resellers and even incentivize them with loyalty programs.

From now on, Nexway enables publishers to attribute resellers commissions on subscription renewals through vouchers. The goal of this feature is to increase the loyalty of the resellers. When an end-user renews a software license, publishers will be able to retribute their resellers with a commission on subscription renewals.

For each additional sales (upsell, post-purchase, cross-sell) or renewals, publishers and Nexway can track the end-user acquisition source and automatically allocate a commission according to the reseller incentive program. A notification and email are automatically sent to the reseller once the end-user has renewed the license.

« Whether B2B or B2C, today’s customers have an ever-higher expectation of service. Our challenge is to optimize the experience of our customers and support them in creating a strong differentiation and competitive advantage within the digital economy. Throughout 2021, we plan to add new solutions and features to support commerce by allowing companies to expand across borders and verticals. » adds Frédéric Ribau.

Ready to enhance customer experience and boost your global sales potential! Discover Nexway Monetize: personalized e-commerce growth platform.


About Nexway

Nexway SASU is a leading e-commerce and payment player. Combining technology and managed services, Nexway helps online businesses scale, grow, and thrive. Nexway’s expertise in subscriptions, local payments, fraud prevention, and reseller management enables customers to transform their purchasing experience and accelerate sales. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Paris–La Défense, France, Nexway has subsidiaries in the USA, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Poland, and Japan. Companies that rely on Nexway include FNAC-Darty™, Amazon™, Kaspersky™, Adobe™, Avast™, TakeTwo™, and hundreds more.

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