Nexway & Vitzo join forces for a seamless and secure digital commerce experience.

Nexway is thrilled to announce our partnership with Vitzo, a distinguished software development company specializing in productivity, e-learning, and file conversion solutions. This collaboration marks the launch of the Viddly store at

About Vitzo

Vitzo is a distinguished player in the software development industry, specializing in SaaS products that cater to productivity, e-learning, and video conversion. Notably, their flagship product, Viddly, boasts over 100 million downloads since its inception in 2010.

Viddly was in need of a trustworthy subscription management platform that supports international payments. Our team was really excited to find and implement Nexway. The future is bright!” – Diogo Gouveia, CEO @ Vitzo

Global Expansion with Nexway

Nexway takes pride in supporting Vitzo’s ambitious expansion strategy, providing a robust platform to reach audiences in key territories such as the US, Europe, UK, Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, and Canada. The partnership aims to streamline Vitzo’s digital commerce operations and enhance its market presence.

Viddly was dedicated to pilot the inception of our partnership with Vitzo, and in the span of 5 months since its launch in September 2023, the software has been sold to customers from 99 different countries, providing the reach Vitzo was seeking.

Integrated “Checkout iFrame”

In a move to enhance user experience, Nexway introduces a cutting-edge “Checkout iFrame”. This innovative checkout solution doesn’t only build trust, but also simplifies the purchase process for the customers without compromising on the security standards.The “Checkout iFrame” is implemented as a pop-up form on the product’s landing page, meaning that the customers don’t have to wait until they are redirected to their cart. The iFrame brings numerous mutual benefits:

For Vitzo, the iFrame:

  • Fosters customers’ trust
  • Provides a smooth purchase experience
  • Increases the speed of conversion

For Vitzo’s customers, the iFrame allows them to:

  • Checkout faster
  • Avoid unnecessary cart redirects
  • Feel safer

Tailored Solutions and Expert Guidance

Nexway always takes the time to acknowledge specific requirements of its customers through a personalized onboarding process, and Vitzo was no exception to our approach. By tailoring Nexway’s solutions to Vitzo’s needs, which included checkout process adjustments, essential payment methods availability, and vital subscription models presence, we have delivered global expansion to Vitzo from day one of our partnership, and will continue to display commitment with further launches of other cutting-edge software products from their portfolio.

“We make sure to utilize our expertise and guide our partners with advanced data and reporting solutions to boost their global sales. Vitzo is one of those perfect examples where a great company partners with a dedicated team of experts, and the success is imminent right from the kick-off.” –  Sergey Skatershchikov, Project Manager @ Nexway


About Vitzo
Vitzo is a trailblazer in software and web development, specializing in SaaS products for productivity, e-learning, and video conversion. Their flagship product, Viddly, has garnered widespread acclaim for its user-friendly approach to video downloading and conversion.

About Nexway
Founded in 2002, Nexway is an e-commerce platform with a full suite of personalized microservices. With 20 years of experience running merchant services & e-commerce solutions, Nexway handles the complexity of online sales and covers the full scope of e-commerce aspects. From invoicing to tax calculation, compliance and payment & financial institution integrations, security & data management, fraud and chargeback. The company today generates 200M€ in annual revenues and employs 100 employees across its offices worldwide. Nexway is headquartered in France, with offices in the US, Japan, Italy and Poland.

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