Remaining resilient

Remaining resilient

With recent announcements in Europe of new lockdown measures this autumn in response to rising case numbers of COVID-19, we at Nexway resolve to remain resilient in the face of ongoing challenges.

Our offices remain open to essential workers, with strict measures in place to wear a mask and take all the necessary measures to protect employees. However, we continue to ask that most of our workforce stay productive at home, thereby doing their part to help control the spread of the virus.

Nexway was quick to take early measures to move to working from home for all employees even before the widespread official government lockdowns began in March.

This small sacrifice for the greater good will help get us collectively through to the other side of the global pandemic.

While we cannot be together in person, Nexway is still fully committed to our brand promise to deliver reliable, effective e-commerce solutions to help business owners realize their full sales potential. The events of 2020 have proven to companies and consumers alike that an online sales model makes sense in today’s world.

It is a trend that is certainly here to stay.

Every day we see how entrepreneurs are finding unique opportunities in this new way of working, living and making purchases. Nexway is proud to partner with businesses of all sizes who are striving to grow, operating their shops and carts behind the scenes.

Nexway will continue to monitor the situation. Stay safe.

Victor Iezuitov