Nexway signs on as a strong supporter of the Coalition for App Fairness

Nexway signs on as a strong supporter of the Coalition for App Fairness

E-commerce and payment leader Nexway has always supported fair market practices that benefit everyone, especially the end customer, by offering alternative channels for app and game distribution. Now Nexway joins the ranks in the latest fight for fair and open market conditions.

Paris, December 22, 2020

Nexway, an e-commerce and payments leader, announced today that it has signed on as a member of the Coalition for App Fairness, the open-trade organization defending the rights of app developers in the latest battle for access to distribution platforms.

The Coalition for App Fairness (CAF) is an alliance of international app developers working with policymakers on new regulations currently in development for the European Union and the US, and advocating on behalf of developers constrained by Apple™ and Google™’s walled gardens and exploitative pricing and payment policies.

Nexway joins founding Coalition members—including Basecamp™, Blix™, Deezer™, Epic Games™, Match Group™, Spotify™ and Tile—behind™ a common goal to create a more level playing field for app developers and give consumers more freedom of choice in Europe, the US and worldwide.

“In the spirit of a fair competitive field, we proudly join CAF in defense of the fundamental belief in the consumer’s freedom to choose,” said Casey Potenzone, Chief Strategy Officer at Nexway. “We are against walled gardens that restrict access to innovative newcomers aiming to thrive and limit the choices available to customers.” 

“The 30% fee Apple requires developers to pay to reach consumers represents an unfair burden, Casey added. “Even the recently announced reduced rate, which will only be available to qualified small business applicants, does not align with the value provided. Apple’s app store price structure effectively locks out smaller players and prohibits alternative payment providers from participating.”

Nexway will continue to lend its clout to the cause of finding a workable regulatory solution to protect fair practices and open markets.  Over the years Nexway has offered several alternative mechanisms for app and game monetization including customer acquisition and payment management.  The company’s position has always supported fair market practices which it believes ultimately benefit all players, especially the end customer.

To learn more about the Coalition for App Fairness and its App Store Principles, visit their website at

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