On-going response to Covid-19 crisis

On-going response to Covid-19 crisis

Dear Partners,
It’s hard to believe we have all been living in conditions of confinement for over a month. I truly hope you, your families, friends and colleagues are managing to protect your health and wellbeing above all else.

For all of those directly affected by Coronavirus, our thoughts are with you.

During this time of unprecedented challenges hitting people on multiple fronts, I am impressed by the enormous display of resilience and adaptability that humankind exhibits all around us. From the healthcare and public services workers on the frontline, to the shopkeepers stocking food, to the teachers running virtual classrooms, to students, job seekers and employees now made to stay at home – each of us is doing our part to manage this crisis.

We are all entrepreneurs now.

This crisis is forcing everyone to get creative about problem solving, think outside the box, test new solutions and learn from it. At home and in business. That is why I am confident that we will collectively overcome these challenges.

However it will take a long time for us to go back to our normal freedoms. While there are some positive signs of flattening the curve of spread of the Covid-19 virus, restrictive measures in some form will remain for the foreseeable future, until there is a vaccine. So we must continue to adapt as the situation evolves.

At Nexway, we have taken significant steps to ensure business continuity:
Work-at-home mandate and travel restrictions for all employees implemented March 16 and still in place, to help our employees remain safe until governments outline reopening plans
New ownership structure and capital refinancing to ensure strategic focus on core e-commerce and payment business
Crisis management team in place coordinating contingency planning across locations
Applications for government aid submitted in countries where we operate

Today we are more agile and highly focused. I am proud of every one of our Nexway employees. They continue to live our company values of empathy, entrepreneurship and drive for results. With technology in our DNA, our teams have adjusted to working 100% virtually while continuing to provide our excellent standard of customer service.

As digital companies rethink their business strategies for the months ahead, we stand ready to accompany you on your transformation journey whatever the future holds.

Victor Iezuitov