Nexway™ partners with Sentient Technologies, bringing Ascend and its revolutionary AI for sales optimization and online conversion direct to major brands and publishers

Nexway™ partners with Sentient Technologies, bringing Ascend and its revolutionary AI for sales optimization and online conversion direct to major brands and publishers

Nexway’s merchant of record services takes another major step forward with the addition of cart-optimized artificial intelligence; Sentient Ascend has already outperformed market tests.

PARIS, France & SAN FRANCISCO, USA, Nexway, a premium digital commerce platform and digital marketing agency, is today announcing its collaboration with Sentient Technologies, the world’s leader in applying AI at scale, to integrate Sentient’s AI-powered conversion optimization solution, Sentient Ascend, for the benefit of Nexway’s customers and partners.

Nexway provides a managed set of products and services that allow brands and publishers to adopt the subscription and digital services economies; Sentient develops AI products that mine large quantities of data in order to offer personalized content and optimized conversions to companies doing business online and on mobile platforms.

The nature of today’s relationship between Brand, Retailer and Consumer takes place across a variety of devices and channels.  Nexway’s commitment to offer the best shopping experience, across device and channel, is being reinforced through the addition of Ascend.  By directly integrating Ascend into Nexway’s white label cart and the thousands of carts, sites and shopping experiences it manages for publishers, brands, retailers and networks, shoppers will be offered the most relevant content and streamlined experience at any given moment, increasing their likelihood of completing a purchase.

Leveraging Big Data to improve test capabilities

Sentient’s Ascend technology improves, accelerates and automates Nexway’s eCommerce testing capabilities and offer more personalized results than standard multivariate testing (MVT) or classic A/B testing. Based on a branch of AI modeled on evolutionary processes, Ascend evolves offers and content in real-time, finding the designs that are most effective at helping the shopper complete their purchase.

Nexway Founder and CEO Gilles Ridel says :
« Nexway’s extensive expertise combined with Sentient’s powerful technology will put the power of big data and millions of computations in real time, directly in the hands of our publishers. The AI algorithms will offer end-users personalized content based on the user’s profile, taking into account hundreds of dimensions and data points such as age, sex, prior history, purchase habits and more to ensure the content is relevant to them, giving clients an outstanding experience and boosting conversion rates.

Personalized carts with AI-powered conversion rate optimization

Nexway’s customer experience management and optimization expertise combined with Sentient’s AI algorithms gives Nexway’s clients the ability to test vast numbers of variable design combinations to capture data and predict which content will resonate best with end-users to achieve the sale. One of Nexway’s key accounts is already benefitting from Sentient Ascend, with an optimized cart that improved conversion rates by 17% in under two months. In this instance, Ascend’s AI determined which of more than 1,000 design combinations would achieve the best conversion – a test which would have taken years using traditional A/B or multivariate testing tools.

Nexway’s White Label cart can be adapted to each user, including its design and user interface. Sentient’s SVP of International Jonathan Epstein says, “We’re tremendously excited about collaborating with Nexway. Their deep knowledge and expertise in the digital commerce field, combined with our AI technology, will offer end-users streamlined experiences which will drive significant gains in conversion rates.”

About Nexway

Nexway  is a leading provider of full-service digital commerce solutions for the digital industry (software, games, digital assets and online services). The company’s white label cart & webstore, in-app purchase solutions for desktop & mobile boost revenue of digital goods with purchase, freemium, trial, subscription revenue models. Founded in 2002, Nexway has enjoyed rapid growth, thanks to strong and diversified partnerships. Based at Paris – La Défense, France, with subsidiaries in the USA, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, Luxemburg, Morocco, Poland, and Japan. Leading companies who rely on Nexway include retailers Orange™, Yahoo! Japan™, Softwareload™, Best Buy™, Pão de Açúcar™, Amazon™; and publishers Kaspersky Lab™, Kingsoft™, Adobe™, 2K Games™, Big Fish™, ESET™, Avast Software™. Follow us on twitter @nexway and Linkedin

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