Nexway launches new reseller module to boost B2B channel sales by leveraging its unique position in subscription and payment services.

Nexway launches new reseller module to boost B2B channel sales by leveraging its unique position in subscription and payment services.

Nexway announces the launch of Monetize Reseller, a channel management module specifically designed for reseller programs in the software industry. Nexway is building on its experience in online sales operations for digital goods based on its Monetize e-commerce, subscription, and payment platform to strengthen its value proposition for B2B commerce companies.

Paris / Karlsruhe, November 28, 2019. Many software companies invest in reseller networks to fuel their growth. The toughest pain points they face are the cumbersome processes resellers have to go through in order to do business with them, and the slow migration to new business models such as cloud or subscription.

Nexway, the e-commerce services, and technology company with over 20 years of experience in running digital sales for the software & service industry, is solving the equation with its new Monetize Reseller module.

The new Monetize Reseller comes with a set of features and services fully dedicated to B2B channel sales management. It focuses on operating online B2B sales with specific incentive and loyalty-building features, and on improving the resellers’ experience via a dedicated, customizable portal.

Just as a typical bulk license sale with customized pricing and popular B2B payment methods, the Monetize Reseller module addresses the challenge of motivating resellers to promote products based on recurring price schemes – a key lever in the software industry.

« With Nexway, software vendors can automatically identify and track revenues to their Value-Added Resellers (VARs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in the course of subscription renewal », says Pierre-Henri Paulhe, VP Sales and Business Development at Nexway. « This is a very unique feature that contributes to a better strategic alignment between software companies and their channel network ». Pierre-Henri adds enthusiastically: « Many of our existing clients are thrilled by this announcement, and it definitely boosts our value proposition for prospects too! »

When developing the tool, the Nexway team stayed true to its roots in the operational management of digital sales and focused on flexibility, allowing for bespoke pricing and management of major resellers, as well as automating onboarding and transactions with the long-tail distributors. « The numerous time-saving practical features added onto a reseller portal through our new module ultimately contribute to creating a preference for our clients’ brand », says Pierre-Henri.

Victor Iezuitov, CEO of Nexway AG, underlines this initiative as a move to expand into untapped e-commerce and payment markets: « The release of the Reseller module means we are leveraging our technology and service assets for multi-tiered business models. Advanced subscription, transaction and remittance management along with AI-powered retention tactics are very compelling features for traditional industries, too. We are confident in building the right portfolio offer to grow our customer base beyond software and digital verticals ».

The release takes place in the context of technology rationalization and synergies following the merger of asknet and Nexway in early 2019. Technology investment is now focused on the modular, API-based Monetize platform, serving both e-commerce and advanced payment service offers with increased time-to-market.

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Nexway AG (formerly asknet AG) is a leading e-commerce and payment player. The Nexway Group combines technology and managed services and offers solutions to software, video games, services and retail companies to run and maximize their online sales worldwide. Nexway clients leverage subscription models, local payment methods, fraud prevention, partner and reseller management, and customer insights to transform their purchasing experience and grow their business. The company also provides software procurement and distribution services to European academic institutions, students and alumni. The company is based in Karlsruhe and listed on the Frankfurt Stock exchange (Ticker: NWAY, ISIN: DE000A2E3707).

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