Infographics: Global e-Commerce 2022 and Beyond

Infographics: Global e-Commerce 2022 and Beyond

For businesses worldwide, the expansion of cross-border e-commerce offers exciting opportunities to reach new customers and expand into new online markets.

The total value of all global cross-border e-commerce will hit $562.1 billion at the end of 2021 and is expected to reach over $4 trillion by 2027. These numbers are compelling – Merchants can no longer ignore the need for a comprehensive global e-commerce strategy.

Shopping habits have been shifting away from physical commerce to e-commerce for some time now. And, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically boosted this trend. As a result, consumers realize the ease and convenience of shopping online.


Check out some key statistics and predictions for global e-commerce and explore the opportunities and challenges of cross-border e-commerce.

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