Nexway™ Develops a New Monthly Games Subscription for Orange™

Nexway™ Develops a New Monthly Games Subscription for Orange™
A trusted partner of Orange for over five years, Nexway is helping the Games division reach new sales volumes by redefining and implementing a new strategy for the company’s monthly subscription service, “Orange Games Pass”.

Expert strategies boost new sales, increase engagement levels

Nexway™,offered Orange a complete service package for the development and implementation of the Games Pass in order to attract, retain and re-engage with customers, beginning with promotional offers and launch plans for events and new products. Nexway’s internal Digital Agency managed eCRM, created newsletters and developed on-site boosters using customer intelligence tools and pop-ups.

Nexway’s subscription management and renewals expertise, including card expiration management, ensures Orange’s Game Pass customers benefit from smooth, seamless service, increasing renewal and retry rates.

Nexway also developed an automatic email strategy for clients who haven’t engaged recently with the subscription. The email reminders serve to re-engage clients and will boost sales.

From strategy to implementation to service management

Throughout the creation of the new Pass formula, Nexway advised Orange on the program’s design, sales and marketing strategies as well as fulfilling Orange’s technical needs. Nexway created and delivered a white label Chain, tailored to Orange’s specificities. Founder and CEO of Nexway Gilles Ridel said, “Our technical expertise and market experience was key in the creation and management of the “Orange Games Pass” subscription service. We also brought our extensive network of relationships with video game designers to the table, helping Orange define a clear strategy for success. Nexway’s content catalogue was invaluable to Orange. These elements are what allowed us to provide a full service, totally aligned with Orange’s goals and ambitions.”

End-to-end services

Nexway’s comprehensive services to Orange included:

Offer & Content Definition
Project Management
Global Customer Relationship Management
Billing Management & Recurring Payments Managemen
Nexway Intelligence

“Orange Games Pass” representative Mr XYZ said, “Nexway offered us a full-service package, which took us step-by-step through the design, implementation and management of our new offer. Our customers are enjoying the ease and simplicity of the system and Orange’s Games sales have grown significantly. Their deep technical and strategic understanding of our needs was essential to the success of the project.”


About Nexway

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