Nexway is now a certified PCI DSS 1 compliant service provider

Nexway is now a certified PCI DSS 1 compliant service provider
At Nexway we have a thorough understanding of payments and what is required to be a reliable partner.
By achieving PCI DSS compliance Level 1, we have joined the list of other international businesses dedicated to data security & customer safety.

Confidence in data security is becoming a significant factor in buying decisions for many consumers

By implementing the PCI DSS, Nexway is taking the right measures to protect cardholder data from Internet theft and fraudulent use.
The impact is as great for the company as it is for its customers, as the consequences of a cyberattack can mean lost revenue, customers and trust, not to forget the damage to the brand.

What do stakeholders need to know about Nexway PCI DSS Certification? Frédéric Ribau, CTO at Nexway tells you more about it:

As credit cards continue to be most consumers’ preferred method of payment when making a purchase, it is more imperative than ever that Nexway is able to ensure that its cardholder data is secure and protected against fraudulent attacks or access.
With the expansion of our worldwide footprint, as well as our increase of transactions processed, becoming PCI Compliant Level 1 is obviously a major milestone for Nexway and de facto positions us as a secure and trusted e-commerce partner.
This certification validates our commitment to providing our customers with the highest security standards for processing their credit card transactions.
The hard work of the team has really paid off. Congratulations to all ! Keep it up!


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