Video game industry: Gamesload™ launches next-generation “Games Pass” subscription service powered by Nexway™ CONNECT & MONETIZE

Video game industry: Gamesload™ launches next-generation “Games Pass” subscription service powered by Nexway™ CONNECT & MONETIZE

Trusted partner of Gamesload for more than five years,
Nexway acquired the brand last year, then defined and implemented the solution for the monthly subscription service of Video Games to drive new sales and increase customer engagement levels for its game catalog.

Paris, July 10th 2018Nexway, a leading provider of solutions to monetize business audiences and connect companies to the worldwide digital market, announces the launch of the « Games Pass » on the French store of its brand, Gamesload. The deployment of the offer on the English, American and German stores is already under development.

Innovative solutions for customer commitment
Nexway imagined for Gamesload a complete package for the development and implementation of the “Games Pass” service, offering Big Fish™ games exclusively. This subscription and non-binding service is designed to attract, retain and re-engage with customers by focusing on promotional offers, launch plans for events and new products. Nexway managed the entire e-Marketing cycle, including content and messaging development as well as retargeting and customer retention techniques, such as site boosters, pop-ups, and limited-price promotions.
Nexway’s expertise in subscription management and renewal rate optimization allows “Games Pass” Gamesload customers to benefit from a seamless and transparent service.
To create personalized messages and promotions, Nexway has developed innovative e-Marketing processes based on artificial intelligence. These automated retargeting and decision engines significantly improve customer loyalty and help maximize each of their transactions.

Customized development, the source of a high-performance offer
Throughout the creation of the new “Games Pass” package for Gamesload, Nexway’s teams focused on program design, sales, and marketing strategies, as well as technical requirements.

“Our history of developing engaging digital commerce experiences coupled with our exclusive games and software distribution network allowed us to deliver a full audience monetization service to Gamesload. Throughout the process, our work consisted to identify the key features and content necessary to engage with Gamesload’s audience and achieve the project objectives.”, says Renaud Sibel, Nexway CEO.

“Nexway offered a full-service package, which took us step-by-step through the design, implementation, and management of a new customer-centric offering for Gamesload. The brand’s customers are enjoying the access to content and simplicity of the experience. “Games Pass” sales are already growing and we’re looking forward to continuing our monetization strategy.”, adds Gia Cao, Nexway Customer Success Manager for Gamesload.

Gamesload’s new “Games Pass” in 3 features:

  • • €6.95 per month, with no minimum commitment, can be canceled online 24/24 from the user games account.
    • An offered token/month worth €6.95, giving the right to a game of your choice offered. These tokens can be accumulated and are permanently valid until the subscription is canceled.
    • Access to exclusive content: preview games, coupons, special discounts…

Other features combining loyalty, acquisition and user retention are already being developed by Nexway experts.

About Nexway
Nexway is a leading provider of solutions to monetize digital businesses and connect companies to the worldwide digital market. Founded in 2002, Nexway has enjoyed rapid growth, thanks to strong and diversified partnerships. Based in Paris – La Défense, France, the company has subsidiaries in the USA, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Poland, and Japan. Leading companies who rely on Nexway include retailers FNAC-Darty™, Yahoo! Japan™, Softwareload™, Amazon™, Medion™; and publishers Kaspersky Lab™, Adobe™, 2K Games™, Big Fish™, ESET™, Avast Software™ and many others around the world.

About Gamesload
Gamesload is specialized in the sale of video games online. Its catalog includes the latest and hottest core and casual video games for PC, as well as a selection of games for Mac.
Initially, video games platform of Deutsche Telekom™, Gamesload has been acquired in 2017 by Nexway which had already been operating its European stores, outside Germany, for 5 years, when Deutsche Telekom decided to sell its BtoC activities.

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