FNAC & Nexway – join forces to drive the transition to a recurring sales model

Nexway & Fnac

Nexway is proud to partner with FNAC, a prominent French software retailer, to revolutionize its sales approach and embrace recurring revenue streams.

As a combined software and hardware reseller, FNAC recognized the need to evolve its business model to align with modern consumer purchasing habits. Several marketplace trends, including the prevalence of SaaS-based models in the software industry and the rise of online-only players in retail, prompted this shift.

With the emergence of SaaS models and the surge in online competition, FNAC needed to modernize its approach to sales while maintaining operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
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How FNAC successfully sells software in the area of SaaS subscriptions

FNAC turned to Nexway to future-proof its business model and introduce consumer-facing subscription and billing models. Leveraging Nexway’s eCommerce platform, FNAC implemented a full-service subscription and renewal management program, facilitating the sale of software bundles from renowned brands such as Microsoft, Oodrive, and FSecure.Harnessing Nexway’s expertise, FNAC embarked on a transformative journey toward recurring sales. Through a tailored subscription and renewal management program, FNAC introduced innovative strategies to maintain its market position while adapting to changing consumer preferences. Nexway’s critical features of the program included:

Automated software add-on suggestions
For every computer sold in-store or online, purchasers are automatically prompted to add one of two software bundles to their purchase: “Starter Pack” or “Serenity Pack”

Branded fulfillment experiences
Purchasers choosing to add software bundles are guided through an FNAC-branded online or in-app fulfillment process

Personalized renewal processes
Renewal reminders, dedicated landing pages, and personalized shopping carts were automated and FNAC-branded, using customer profile information (via SSO integration)

Automated vendor management
Invoicing, fulfillment, and license management with software partners were streamlined through API-triggered events, reducing manual administrative tasks

Level 1 Customer care
Nexway’s world-class customer support, available in 12 languages, is on-hand to address customer needs via email, phone, and chat

Nexway’s eCommerce solutions powering FNAC’s evolution

Cart FnacThe adoption of recurring sales marked a significant milestone for FNAC. It successfully transitioned to a subscription-based model, cultivated stronger customer relationships, and forged deeper partnerships with software providers, driving sustainable growth and market relevance.

FNAC plans to leverage the Nexway eCommerce platform to further enhance its subscription and renewal management program. Key growth objectives include increasing customer retention, expanding the subscription offering, and creating robust cross-selling programs.

Founded in 2002, Nexway is an e-commerce platform with a full suite of personalized microservices. With over two decades of experience, Nexway handles the complexity of online sales and covers the full scope of eCommerce aspects to help businesses optimize their online sales and revenue streams. From worldwide accepting payment to subscription handling and tax management, leverage time and money while scaling your business into the global market.
The company’s clients include Kaspersky, ESET, Bitdefender, Opera, and many more companies across the globe. Nexway is headquartered in France, with offices in the US, Japan, and Italy, and employs 100 employees across its offices worldwide.

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