Cocos, Chinese Games Engine Company | Understanding The Challenges of Self Distribution With Nexway

Cocos, Chinese Games Engine Company | Understanding The Challenges of Self Distribution With Nexway
Interview of Nexway’s CEO Victor Iezuitov published Cocos Blog, an open-source development engine to build games, apps, and other cross platform GUI-based interactive programs. The publication addresses Nexway insights about game distributions and monetization in global markets with APAC partners.

We know most games will wind up on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. But some of you are probably trying to sell the game outside the ecosystem and, for some, making HTML5 games on your own website. The great part about selling the games on your own is you keep a lot more of the sales and have more flexibility in how you have gamers spend in your game. The bad part is trying to find companies that can help you with your e-commerce, distribution, and other items.

We know a few companies are working on helping these companies, and we were able to talk to one and pick their brains about it. Nexway is a company that gives publishers and developers a way to distribute their games, monetize them, and scale them for not only online games but for games you can purchase at stores and e-stores.

Victor Iezuitov

We sat down with the company’s CEO, Victor Iezuitov, and his team to talk about what they do and what developers need to prepare for when bringing their games to new markets, and the challenges to prepare for.

About Victor Iezuitov: With extensive international finance and management experience, Victor has worked as a board member, CFO, CEO, and Senior Analyst in investment funds and private banking companies.

Cocos: Great to talk to you! We know you work with a lot of tech companies at Nexway. But what are some of the people that you are working with within the game industry?

Victor Iezuitov: We have been a global video game and software distribution company for many game companies. We’ve worked with Ubisoft, Bethesda, Versus Evil, Plug In Digital, Techland, and many other companies to provide subscription models, manage local payment methods, prevent fraud, engage partners and resellers, deliver key customer insights, and beyond.

C: Why would developers come to you to start selling their games outside places like Google, Apple, Steam, or other major stores?

VI: Many come to us for many different reasons. Some do it because they want a higher profit margin. Some want to keep full ownership of their gamer’s experience, allowing for better marketing and ways to connect to their user base.

But a lot come for ways to improve and secure their billing, payment, and subscription options. It’s hard to do on your own and find other merchants that will provide better revenue than they’d get elsewhere.

Any merchant also has legal obligations when selling its products and services, and it becomes even more complex when you decide to develop a business that goes across borders. Scaling a business globally without risk isn’t that simple!

C: Yes, with so many different issues with taxes, money transfer, and other legal requirements, it’s a huge task that any smaller studio could really suffer long hours trying to navigate.

VI: Of course. As a company selling games online, you are legally obligated to tackle different administrative tasks on your own and deal with the hassle of all of these compliance measures at the local, regional and global levels on your own. We’ve been helping remove that headache for game publishers and developers that want to scale their business.

We provide an all-in-one solution that keeps your business compliant with all local and global regulations. Our Nexway Monetize solution helps you manage your entire payment journey. We allow you to accept payments, manage fraud prevention, currency conversion, taxation and security management, local tax and VAT management, chargeback detection and negotiation, and customer data protection compliance, managing pay-outs to your suppliers worldwide.

C: How many countries do you offer services for?

VI: It’s hard to catch every country and payment method, but we help publishers and developers process payments in local currencies with the most adapted payment methods in more than 140 countries.

We simplify commerce with powerful payments technology, offering 47+ payment methods, 20+ languages, and 40+ billing currencies and providing 24/7 customer care!

About Cocos
Founded in Xiamen, China on December 30, 2011, YAJI Software, the official team of Cocos Engine, has independently developed a series products, including the second generation game engine “Cocos Creator”, and the world’s most popular open source engine framework “Cocos2d-x”, relying on its profound technical background and years experience in the Game Industry. Cocos, whose vision to “Simplify Game Creation”, has served more than 1.4 million game developers From 195+ countries. Cocos allows developers and artists to work together seamlessly thanks to its open-source framework, Cocos2d-x and GUI editor, Cocos Creator. Cocos effectively enables developers to create games for all major platforms, including iOS, Android, Facebook Instant Games, WeChat Mini Games, HTML5 as well as desktop platforms.