asknet™ | Nexway™ partners with Dataiku™ & boosts its clients’ subscription services with artificial intelligence

asknet™ | Nexway™ partners with Dataiku™ & boosts its clients’ subscription services with artificial intelligence

asknet | Nexway, a major player in e-commerce and payment integrates Dataiku and the power of AI into its entire offer

asknet | Nexway, a leading player e-commerce and payment, announces its partnership with Dataiku, a global publisher of an Analytics and Enterprise AI platform, for leveraging customers data and optimizing sales, retention and payment process efficiency.

Subscription renewed!
In order to boost the retention rate of its customers’ subscription programs, asknet | Nexway first implemented Machine Learning in the “Subscription” module of their MONETIZE offering. By modelling attrition scores from the customer base, asknet | Nexway identifies users who are ready to renew their subscription. After six months in operation, asknet | Newxay has increased its customer retention rates by 13%.

Data is also key in other aspects of e-commerce operations, so asknet | Nexway has deployed Dataiku technology to its Customers Success Managers, empowering their business recommendations in marketing campaign analysis (e-mails, display, trigger-based, promotions). This data-driven support has been greatly appreciated by its clients.

This double approach has brought added value to asknet | Nexway clients, maximizing their recurring income and their customer lifetime value. asknet | Nexway now benefits from increased data capacities to support its customers, especially when they are transitioning to subscription-based business models which requires much fine-tuning.

« Having an easier, more advanced use of customer data helps our client develop better understanding of and control over their subscription business. We chose to implement Dataiku platform for a more systematic use of customer data, thus bringing significant added value to our clients »
said Yann Girard, Data Intelligence Lead at asknet | Nexway Group.

Data analysis in all e-commerce operations!

« We are proud to support an e-commerce pioneer with very rich transactional customer data. asknet | Nexway has already achieved maturity in the use of this data, so we are looking forward to helping disseminate and democratize data analysis for all kinds of applications »
added Grégory Herbert, VP Continental Europe, Dataiku.

This initiative accompanies massive data use in all asknet | Nexway operations. The company has already implemented Dataiku technology to continue to improve its service offer: personalized purchasing experience, up-selling and cross-selling paths with products recommendations, dynamic dashboards, ROI of marketing campaigns, etc. Operational processes have also become more efficient: customer care interactions, payment success, fraud prevention, etc.

A technological alliance of two companies
asknet | Nexway has selected Dataiku as part of its innovation program for its major advance in technology and global outreach. Dataiku solution was integrated quickly to MONETIZE, with each of the platforms based on API standards. Dataiku’s statement about data use democratization fits perfectly with asknet | Nexway’s vision: rolling out machine learning across its entire offering and service and back-office processes, and training teams to use this technology.

About asknet | Nexway group

The asknet | Nexway group is a leading player in e-commerce and payment. asknet | Nexway group brings together technology and managed services to provide solutions to software, video games, services and retail companies to enable them to operate and maximize their online sales worldwide. asknet | Nexway clients leverage subscription models, local payment methods, fraud prevention, partners & resellers management and customer insights to transform their purchasing experience and grow their business.

About Dataiku

Dataiku is the centralized data platform that democratizes the use of data science, machine learning, and AI in companies. With Dataiku, businesses are uniquely empowered to follow their data journey from data preparation to analytics at scale to Enterprise AI. They provide a common ground for data experts and explorers, a repository of best practices, shortcuts to machine learning and AI deployment/management, as well as a centralized, controlled environment, making Dataiku the catalyst for data-powered companies.

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