asknet I Nexway launches Accelerate! to address the opportunities of the marketplace economy and next-generation business models.

asknet I Nexway launches Accelerate! to address the opportunities of the marketplace economy and next-generation business models.

Accelerate! enables retailers and major brands, manufacturers and marketplaces to use modern payments as a key differentiator for their consumers, leveraging asknet | Nexway ecommerce assets to transform their business operations instantly adding global reach and additional revenues such as from consumer finance and split payment services.

As new business models centered on consumption over ownership supported by various consumer finance programs and subscription-based price plans are disrupting all industries, agile payments are now a distinctive feature that creates consumer preference for brands, playing a critical role in customer acquisition and retention, particularly in higher growing millennial and GenZ demographics.

However, for most organizations, offering simple digital payments that customers love is a hassle to run, as payment management requires a complicated network of providers, banking relationships and robust risk management systems. Operating it takes expert teams throughout the organization: billing system and ERP integration, invoicing and tax management, compliance, supplier settlements, and more.

To enable its clients to quickly integrate and deploy modern payments solutions and consumer finance offerings across all major geographies, asknet | Nexway launches Accelerate!, a new offering to transform the way major brands and retailers, manufacturers and marketplaces run their e-commerce transactions. Accelerate! brings unparalleled agility across the whole value chain by integrating all parties in a comprehensive, frictionless payment scheme: consumers, vendors, franchisee stores, supply chain partners or resellers. Staffed with seasoned payment industry professionals, data analysts and the dedicated engineering team, the new business unit of asknet | Nexway (Accelerate!) is now able to provide quick and cost effective design of the payment and consumer finance strategies for the marketplaces and online merchants, addressing both immediate and forthcoming issues from how to handle payment gateways to Alipay and Facebook’s Libra, from how to comply with new EU “safe payment” directives to how handle mounting compliance burden to online trade across the world.

Combining a SaaS platform and managed services, Accelerate! covers an unmatched range of expertise: global split payment, multi-beneficiary payment processing, subscriptions, invoicing, localized customer care and settlement and reconciliation. No more headaches sourcing, integrating and synchronizing multiple point technology and service providers – all e-commerce transactions management is federated in a single platform and service offering.

Accelerate! acts as the client’s operations, unlike the existing solutions which run only with the support of numerous internal teams. This unique full-service approach dramatically improves time-to-market, making transformative business models an operational reality.

Built upon the implementation of a recent major customer launching this month, Accelerate! will add consumer finance and alternative credit solutions in the course of 2019. This opens the way for flexible payment options applied to goods in all price segments, aligning with the shift in consumer demographics and shopping habits.

« With this new offer »
says Casey Potenzone, Chief Strategy officer at asknet I Nexway and the Global CEO of the Accelerate! business unit with a dedicated team of payment and e-commerce professionals located in New York, Paris and Katowice (Poland),

« we are capitalizing on our solid e-commerce infrastructure and expertise as a merchant and payment services provider. Accelerate! will scale the company into new verticals, such as marketplaces, and will become the major growth driver for asknet | Nexway business for years to come, with the first meaningful financial results from Accelerate! activities to be reported already in the second half of calendar 2019 »
added Mr. Potenzone.

This initiative comes in a context of new ownership and management of the recently combined asknet and Nexway companies, where technological and operational synergies are being deployed to further strengthen key capabilities and maximize growth opportunities of the combined asknet | Nexway group, such as already established new clients pipeline for Accelerate! suite of products and services.

« In addition to massive cost synergies, radically improved geographic service footprint and migration to a single highly competitive technology platform, the six months effort to prepare today’s launch of Accelerate! comes as the major value-creating outcome from integration of asknet AG and Nexway businesses »
commented Aston Fallen, Chief Executive Officer of asknet AG.

On June 28, 2019 the Annual General Meeting of asknet AG, the holding company of the Group, will decide on the renaming of asknet AG to Nexway AG. The entire group will then also operate under one brand as the Nexway Group. 

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