Nexway SAS becomes a more agile e-commerce and payment solutions provider.

Nexway SAS becomes a more agile e-commerce and payment solutions provider.

E-commerce and payment leader Nexway announces the separation of its global business headquartered in France from its German entity.

Paris, June 16, 2020Nexway SAS, a leading e-commerce services provider of solutions for monetizing digital business models and connecting companies to the global e-commerce market, announces its separation from Nexway AG (formerly asknet AG), supplier of e-business technologies and academic software distribution solutions, following a transfer of 100% ownership dated April 15, 2020.

During the period of transformation of the past 18 months, Nexway SAS applied its access to increased capital into updating its technology stack and streamlining internal processes to build a strong customer-centric operation with a global geographic footprint. The newly independent Nexway SAS will remain focused on its core businesses of e-commerce and payments, enabling companies to provide exceptional purchase experiences.

“Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in the exciting story of Nexway SAS and these developments set our company on a trajectory of growth and profitability, said CEO Victor Iezuitov. “Nexway SAS is a strong company with passionate employees who are dedicated to servicing customers and enabling their businesses to accelerate sales. With a new single shareholder, we are focused and better positioned to compete in the ever-evolving e-commerce marketplace.”

Nexway SAS’s executive management team is led by CEO Victor Iezuitov and comprises Chief Operating Officer Pierrick Coustumer, Chief Strategy Officer Casey Potenzone, and Chief Technology Officer Frédéric Ribau.

The company will continue to offer the industry’s most comprehensive product and service suite in the subscription billing and e-commerce space, with its core solutions Nexway Monetize and Nexway Connect. Nexway SAS services more than 400 clients around the globe to sell their products in up to 180 countries.

Nexway AG, under a new brand name, will operate as a separate independent entity under its current ownership structure. The two companies will continue to collaborate as partners on synergistic initiatives.

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Nexway SAS is a leading e-commerce and payment player. Combining technology and managed services, Nexway helps online businesses scale, grow, and thrive. Nexway’s expertise in subscriptions, local payments, fraud prevention and reseller management enables customers to transform their purchasing experience and accelerate sales. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Paris–La Défense, France, Nexway has subsidiaries in the USA, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Poland, and Japan. Companies who rely on Nexway include FNAC-Darty™, Amazon™, Kaspersky™, Adobe™, Avast™, TeamViewer™, Bit Defender™, TakeTwo, and hundreds more.